Ryan Raffety Memorial

On May 18th 2016, Latrecia, Hunter and I received the call that we have dreaded for over a decade. It is the call that all parents fear but parents of a drug addict know is just one needle away.

5 days short of the 25th anniversary of his arrival into this world, Ryan departed it.

He was beautiful, intelligent and charming. Those that met him fell under his spell. He had as much potential and opportunity as any one to become great, contribute to the world and live a good life. But he was under another spell. It destroyed his potential and life little by little until a dozen years after it was first cast, it finally destroyed his body completely.

We loved him deeply with all of his flaws and weaknesses. He was my son and I will miss him terribly.

We love you Ryan, Dad

This site is dedicated to remembering his all too short life

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In Memory of Ryan Raffety